About Me

My name is Tracey Coulter and I really like sex toys. I have worked at a sex store for a cumulative 3 years and have been doing sex toys workshops for non-profit organizations for almost five years. I graduated from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 2006 with a B.A. in Psychology with Distinction and am planning on doing my M.A. in Counselling, focusing on sex/uality. I publish a sex column in “thirdspace”, Canada’s oldest campus-run feminist newspaper and have been on CFUV, UVic’s radio station on a number of shows.

I built this site because I believe sex toys are one of the best things out there, ever, but that there’s not a lot of specific information about them available. Yeah, online stores “describe” their products but they don’t necessarily tell you what it’s for, how to clean it and what the heck it’s even made out of. I wanted to make this information available from someone who isn’t directly trying to sell anything.

So, look around and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you have!

– Tracey Coulter



  1. erin said

    Thanks for all the valuable info!!! Tonight is going to be a gooooood night!!

  2. Liz Crouch said

    Hello my name is Liz, if im not mistaken i think you presented at my school the 6th of march 2009 @ Suny Oswego. I was walking by and heard from various people that they were going to see your show but i thought it was going to be one of those safe sex things we here all the time. Not saying they are bad but they get so repetitive and i know how to have safe fun sex. Anyway i was walking by and i saw a bunch of people leaning over the railing looking down in the cafeteria listening to someone talk, so i was curious and i joined them. I am just so mad at myself that i didn’t come to your show earlier, i had so much fun listening to you talk and i learned so much from what you said. I thought i knew my body and about the female vagina, but i am so happy to be proven wrong. One thing you talked about that interested me was about the G-spot. I have never been able to find mine or don’t know if i have used it, but i am going to take your suggestion and spend a Saturday, “doing some homework”. Also i was looking at the sex toys you passed around and that opened my eyes up too, the first thing i did when i went back to my room was look at the ohmybod and oder one, i am so excited! Any i could go on and on about how much i enjoyed your presentation, i would love to learn more about you and how you really got into this. I have always been interested in sex, not just doing it but all aspects around it. Hope to hear from you soon : )

    • sextoys101 said

      Hi Liz,

      I haven’t done sex toy workshops in a couple of years, so whoever you saw wasn’t me. I’m also not sure where Suny Oswego is, but I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. But I’m glad to hear you had someone come to your school and give what sounds like an excellent talk that got you checking out fun body-stuff and ordering yourself a sex toy to boot!

      Take care, and I hope you’ll enjoy the toy you ordered!
      – Tracey

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