Anal Myths

Dirty. Perverse. Dangerous.Lies! Anal sex can be these things, but so can crossing the street, depending on how you’re doing it. Before I get into the hows of anal play, I want to look at the common myths surrounding the butt.

Myth 1: Anal sex is dirty

Fact: From the time we were wee little boys and girls we were informed that our bum, part of our body, was dirty and gross and what came out of it was disgusting and shouldn’t be talked about. This dirtiness had to be avoided at all costs, and thus began our socially-induced dysfunctional relationship with our asses.

There are bacteria in fecal matter that can seriously hurt you (E.coli, anyone?) but with simple hygienic precautions these can be easily avoided. Thorough showers and baths and making sure to have a bowel movement before anal play can make the whole process cleaner. You can use gloves and dental dams as well, and if you’re really concerned, you can buy a disposable enema to use, though these shouldn’t be used all the time. It’s also best to use condoms when there is penile penetration – the meatus is a pretty big opening into the body and no one wants a bladder infection.

Computer keyboards, telephones, and kitchen sinks have tons of bacteria and germs on them too, but this doesn’t mean we don’t use them and consider them taboo – we simply clean them appropriately. Think of your ass along the same lines.

Myth 2: Anal sex is dangerous.

Oh, how many urban legends involve anal sex and grizzly, embarrassing deaths or emergency room visits? Too many, and they’re all stupid. The myth of anal sex being dangerous is to deter any curious people away from such a perverse, non-procreative way of getting off. What a load of shit. Anal sex is no more dangerous than riding a bike. Sure, if you’re an idiot and ignore pain or force your body to do things it’s not ready for you’ll hurt yourself, but if you obey the anal rules, you should be fine.

Myth 3: Anal sex will make you incontinent.

Anal sphincters are muscles. A warmed up, stretched muscle eventually regains its regular tension. Just ask your thighs after a long workout, despite your fifteen minute warm-up and stretch. It’s been shown that regular anal stimulation helps strengthen the muscles and teaches your body better anal control and awareness. If you doubt me, please check out Dr. Jack Morin’s book. I’ve personally explored anal play for seven years and haven’t pooped my pants since I was a toddler.

Myth 4: Liking anal sex makes you gay.

This myth is for the gents out there, and is as big a lie as every other myth here. As I say in the article on the prostate, a nerve ending is a nerve ending and just because you like certain ones stimulated is completely disconnected to your sexuality. This myth combines homophobia with the typical anal-phobia of our culture, since there’s no myth out there saying “if you like blow jobs, that means you’re gay” a sex act I can tell you a lot of gay men are into.


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