Anal Toys

Butt Plugsred-butt-plug.jpg

These are a product close to my heart. And my ass. Butt plugs are just that – plugs for your butt. The basic butt plug design starts small, flares out, then has a thin neck followed by a flared base to hold in place. But oh my how they can vary! Some will mimic anal beads, others can look like cocks that won’t slip out of your bum, and others can take the shape of Buddha or even Jesus. Some are even inflatable – once it’s in you can make it as big as you want. They can come with vibes as well!

Why would you want to use a butt plug? Why wouldn’t you!?!?!? A toy for anyone, I consider butt plugs the great leveler. We’ve all got butts and they all have thousands of nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated. After the clitoris, the anus is the most sensitive area on a woman, beating out the vagina. How very interesting…. In a woman, a butt plug can create a sense of extreme fullness/penetration when also being penetrated by a penis or a dildo. In a man, it can stimulate his prostate (see prostate toys or the prostate for more info) and in anyone, clenching the anus around the neck of the plug will activate a hell of a lot of nerve endings, making for one happy ass.

Butt plugs can be made out of anything other toys can: latex, rubber, silicone, metal, glass, pyrex. The best are made out of silicone because of its ability to be sterilized. Latex or rubber ones, because of their porousness, will absorb bacteria, and metal, glass and pyrex scare the bejesus out of me. I wouldn’t suggest these materials for beginners or people unfamiliar with anal toys. I have seen glass butt plugs on the market that are much too long to be used safely.

Please see anal rules for more info on fun with your bum.

Batteries: AA or watch if there’s a vibe
Good for: internal anal for all
Cleaning: depends on material
Some names: Ryder, Corona, Ariel, Severin, Ripple, Tristan, Silver Stud, NJoy

Anal Beads


I admit that the first porn movie I ever saw (babysitting, after the kids had gone to bed, I came across the parent’s stash) involved a woman with a really bizarre beaded necklace that she then proceeded to shove up another woman’s posterior. I was shocked and intrigued. And thus I was introduced to anal beads.

Usually on a nylon string, anal beads are meant to be inserted into the bum one by one, then pulled out when orgasming for a more intense experience. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember my name when coming, let alone to pull on a string, so this is a toy best used with a partner.

It’s now possible to get anal beads made out of one piece of silicone, rather than plastic or metal balls on a string, making for a much more hygienic experience. The silicone variety are also great because you can get ones that start small then get larger, a great way to relax muscles and gradually build up comfort.

Batteries: none
Good for: internal anal for all
Cleaning: depends on material
Some names: Love Beads, Beauty Beads, Flexi Felix, Steelies


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