Books To Read

I thought I’d throw in a bit about sex books (my two favorite things ever!). These are some of the best out there.

Good Vibrations Guide to Sex – Cathy Winks and Anne Semans

Thorough. Very thorough. If I were planning on having kids, I’d give them this as their teen-years sex book.

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book – Felice Newman

A great book for anyone who has sex with women, or is a woman. That covers a hell of a lot of us!

When the Earth Moves: Women and OrgasmMikaya Heart

Here’s a big exploration on a big topic. Rather than focusing on the how or physiological specifics, you’ll find lots of personal anecdotes and discussion on womens’ relationships with orgasm.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women – Tristan Taormino

The expert on anal sex for women, Tristan writes clearly and completely on the topic of women and anal play.

The Ethical Slut – Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt

Not something I’m personally interested in, The Ethical Slut is the polyamor’s bible. It explores how to negotiate having many sexual relationships at once, and answers your questions before you even know what they are.

Sex For One – Betty Dodson

Oh man, oh man. This book changed my sex world when I first read it almost a decade ago. A masturbation guru, Dr. Dodson explores her personal history of jerking off and the whys and hows of why we should all be masturbating as much as possible.

The Big O – Lou Paget

Guess what this one’s about! Orgasms – how to have them and have lots of them. Paget is one of the big sex authors out there, and this is definitely worth the read.

Guide to Getting it On! – Paul Joannides

Holy crap, this is a big book. This not only covers the hows of doing it, but also includes chapters on history, disorders and pretty well anything sex-y. Really, it’s a massive book.

Anal Pleasure and Health – Dr. Jack Morin

This is the butt bible. Dr. Morin explores Western society’s relationship with our anuses and gives you a program to change your personal relationship with yours.

The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex – Karlyn Lotney

New to the world of attachable penises? Check this book out. It really focuses on the topic at hand and can help you decide on harness styles and give you the inside scoop on harnessed sex.


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