First off, let’s discuss some rules/tips for clamping.

1.  Don’t put a clamp on someone you’ve never felt yourself.  Like anything that could be painful, it’s important for you to know what it feels like too.

2.  To see how a clamp would feel on more… delicate bits when you’re not able to stick them on those bits (i.e. you’re in a sex store) try them on the webbing between your thumb and index finger.  It’s a sensitive spot and is similar enough to nekkid-y parts for you to get a good idea what it will feel like.

3.  Don’t clamp something for more than 30 minutes because longer than that may lead to some nerve damage.  I know that sounds scary, but it needn’t be.  In comparison, there’s the rule of “don’t walk in front of a moving vehicle when crossing the road” and we cross roads all the time.  So please, feel free to explore clamping, just glance at a clock now and then!

4.  Treat clamps as you would any other sex toy.  It’s completely possible to get body fluids on them (and therefore STIs) so follow your same rules you have for other toys on who gets to use them and under what conditions.

And now, onto the clamps!

Tweezer Clamps

Long and thin, these are not for a beginner clamper.  The smaller the surface area of the clamp, the more pressure is going to be exerted on the area being clamped.  That’s science, man.  These are for an intense, focused clamping.  They can have the tension adjusted by moving a small ring up and down the shafts of the clamp – it looks super cool! – but it’s a pretty intense sensation even at its lowest tension, so consider yourself warned/informed!

Alligator Clamps

This is a rather familiar looking clamp to most people I would think.  It’s a clamp with some rubber bits and a turn-screw on the top to adjust.  It’s pretty basic.  You can take the rubber tips off for a more intense clamping – some may even have little jagged teeth, if you’re into it.  Most other clamps discussed here are some kind of variation on the alligator clamp.

Clover-Leaf Clamps (sometimes just called “Clover Clamps”)

Talk about a clever design!  The hard you pull on these clamps, the harder they clamp down.  These are great if you’re planning on attaching weights to your clamps, since they’re much less likely to slip than other designs.

Vibrating Clamps

Holy gimmick-toy, Batman!  The clamps themselves seem fine, but those vibes probably won’t last very long and you’ll be buying it over and over again.  Plus, you can just run a vibe over a regular clamp to get the same effect.  I just don’t think the vibe will translate very well throughout the metal clamp – this is one of those toys they make, hoping that people’s horniness will over-ride their ability to make smart sex purchases.  Prove them wrong, folks.


Ah, the DIY kind of clamp.  Cheap, and disposable, these are great for when/if you want to do tons of clamps at once.  Dollar stores are super for cheap, inventive sex toys, and inexpensive clothespins are one of the best deals around.  These are also great if you want to clamp someone without using your own – you can just chuck them.  They’re wood, they’ll degrade (well, except for the metal bits).  The downside to these is that they can’t be adjusted – they’re just one tension.  If you’re mechanically inclined, you can fiddle with the metal bit to change the tension, but it’s not as convenient as the turn screws on the other clamps.  Ah well, no toy is ever perfect!


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