In the same spirit as the section on materials I’ll go through each material and describe the best way for its cleaning and maintenance.


The easiest way to clean any plastic surface, whether it’s the toy itself, the wire or the battery pack is with a makeup pad or cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol on it. All you need to do is wipe it off and let it dry! Trying to soap up hard plastic is not only frustrating, but it can lead to water getting into it and ruining your toy. There’s lot of toy cleaners on the market as well, so if you really feel like purchasing one, and it’s one of the kinds that you don’t need to rinse off, go for it – but rubbing alcohol works just as well.

Jelly Rubber, Latex or Vinyl

If you have a basic jelly dildo with no electronics in it, feel free to dunk it into some warm, soapy water and scrub away, rinse with clean water and let air dry. If your toy does have a vibe embedded into it, please don’t do this – you won’t get shocked, it’ll just ruin your toy most likely. What I suggest with this kind of toy is using a damp soapy cloth to wipe the toy down, then rinsing the cloth to wipe it down again to remove any soap residue.

Don’t try using bleach or any harsh chemical to sterilize these toys – they cannot be sterilized, and the toy will absorb the chemical. At best, they’ll compromise your toy, and at worst the chemicals will get into whatever body cavity your putting this toy in. Bleach and vaginas do not mix, people.

A good way to keep jelly rubber/latex toys cleaner (and what I do personally) is to use them with a condom. They still need to be cleaned after every use, but you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up in the toy and it becoming a hotbed of infection. What this means is that latex/rubber toys you’ve used anally CANNOT be used vaginally unless condoms are used – bacteria that can be found in the rectum can cause serious infections when introduced into the vagina.


Cleaning anything with an elastomer covering is pretty well the same routine as jelly rubber. It’s a higher quality material, but you can’t go nuts and attempt to sterilize it like you can with silicone. A damp, soapy cloth to wipe it down and a rinsed-out cloth to get the soap reside off, then leaving it to air-dry should be just fine.


Silicone toys are my favorite for a number of reasons – and its sterilizability is probably my number one. It can be plopped into a pot of boiling water for ~2 to 4 minutes and comes out hospital-fresh. You don’t want to leave it in for more than four minutes because the silicone can start to disintegrate. Of course, you never want to do this if the toy has electronics embedded into it. Electricity and water still haven’t learned to play nice. In that case, you can hold your toy by its elecronic end and “dip” the toy into the boiling water for a few minutes, or you can run a kettle of boiling water over it. The toy won’t be as sterile as if you got to fully immerse it, but ain’t life a compromise. It’s not necessary to sterilize silicone after every use (I do mine about once a month) but if you want to, it won’t hurt the toys.

You can also use soap and water to clean your toy, following the exact same way you clean jelly rubber. I usually soap/water to clean my toys before sterilizing them, just to get any dried-on lube fully off of it.

A lot of toys come with the suggestion that you can put your toy into a 10% bleach solution, which is how many medical facilities used to sterilize, but it’s come out of favor for the more basic boiling. I personally hate the idea of some errant bleach coming into contact with my crotch, and if boiling works just as well, that’s good enough for me. If your toy says it’s dish-washer safe (i.e – there’s no electronics in it) then by all means go ahead and stick it in there – Thanksgiving dinner’s load of dishes may not be the best time though, what with the over crowding and all.

CyberSkin/UltraSkin/Furturotic, etc.

If your toy is made of some semi-realistic material, it will (hopefully) come with specific instructions on how to clean it. Most need to be washed with soap and water very delicately, pat-dried and then powdered with cornstarch (not talc) and kept in a plastic bag far away from other toys. CyberSkin-like materials, when in contact with other toys does funky things and by “funky things” I mean become a big melty mess. It’s possible to get specific cleaning kits for these kinds of materials, and if you’re hell-bent on using these kinds of toys, I’d suggest getting one – just make sure that the dusting powder it comes with isn’t talc – I cannot say this enough, people. No one needs cervical cancer.


Pyrex is a trademarked material that can be boiled to be sterilized. Most generic glass toys cannot be – please make sure you know exactly what your toy is made out of before putting it into the pot! Both can be cleaned with soap and water, or with a makeup pad/cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol. The nice thing about this material is its cleaning-versatility because of its smooth, non-porous surface.


Metal toys can be cleaned much like pyrex or glass, unless of course there’s a vibrator in it – in that case, rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball is best. If your toy is boilable, please take care in taking it out of the water – I would think boiled metal would be extremely hot.



  1. tonia said

    I have a couple of silicone toys that i have washed with hand soap, i have rinsed it very well and it still tastes of soap and burns when inserted. is there a way to draw any soap that may have gotten absorbed into it out. or are they no good in need of them…..

    • sextoys101 said

      Hey there,

      Actual silicone is non-porous, so if you are absolutely sure it’s medical grade silicone (not something with a name that sort of sounds like “silicone” – companies often try to piggy-back on silicone’s great reputation) then I have actually no idea what’s going on since it wouldn’t be able to be absorbed. If it’s not medical grade silicone, then the toy may have absorbed some of the cleaner and may now in fact not be use-able, unless you put a condom on it. Big rule with cleaning is to not use bleach at all, in any way, no, nope. Some older guides and books suggested a 10% bleach solution but that’s not the case any more.

      If it’s another material (latex, jelly rubber, etc) there is no way to draw out the soap/detergent – the only solution I have would be to use the toy with a condom on it.

  2. Chad Van Horn said

    I have a couple of dildos made of silicone & another made of cyberskin. I always use condoms when playing with my toys. Immediately afterwards I use anti-bacterial DAWN/PALMOLIVE soap to clean the toys. For some reason black spots are appearing underneath the surface of each dildo. The black dots have a diameter of a needle/grain of salt. I keep all the dildos inair tight containers when not being used. I hate to through my toys away. Do you have any idea for what may have caused these spots to appear? Any idea on how to get rid of the spots? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    • sextoys101 said

      (Sorry for the incredibly late response!)

      There’s no reason to keep silicone toys in air-tight. I almost wonder if they’re not completely dry when you put them in there, and they’re getting mold on them. Antibacterial soap is now considered less effective at killing germs than regular soap so I would suggest not using it any more. If the toys in question are the cyberskin ones, I really don’t know what could be going on, since most companies won’t say what cyberskin is truly made of, which is why it’s not a material I really endorce.

      If the silicone toys are medical-grade, I would suggest boiling them and seeing what happens? Good luck!

  3. Ralph said

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    • sextoys101 said

      Hi Ralph,

      I don’t update this at all anymore (though maybe I should?) so it really takes no time, ha.

      It took a lot of time to originally put up – I had a website I actually paid for and it was much fancier than this one and took a lot of time. Got no techniques or tips except don’t expect to make a dime.

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