Exercisers and Medical Toys


Almost every woman has heard of Kegel exercises – invented by Dr. Kegel to strengthen PC muscles to help with urinary incontinence. After getting his patients to do the exercises for a few months, they reported that it had helped their sex lives as well, and thus began the explosion of crappy Cosmo articles and women clenching and unclenching while riding the bus or in front of their computers.

Exercise balls help you do your Kegels. The weights, just like the kind down at the gym, offer resistance to your PC muscle, making it work harder. The idea is that you try to hold them in, while gravity has other plans. They come in a large weight range, and just like the gym, start on the lighter weights and build up. It’ll take a while to notice a difference (sometimes months) but they have been purported to make orgasm more intense and easier to achieve. Not bad for little balls! They can also help with Dr. Kegel’s original use of urinary stress incontinence, the kind lots of women get when they laugh, sneeze or cough and a bit of urine dribbles out – this is especially common as women get older and/or have had children.

Dr. Betty Dodson has her own kind of vaginal metal exerciser barbell that is used lying down and is lifted up by flexing the PC muscles. It’s absolutely gorgeous and can be used for sexing-up as well, but is rather expensive. Both ends of it are usable and are differently weighted for two levels – a beginner’s and an advanced.

I’d like to mention here that exercises are not meant as ‘tighteners’ or any other kind of bullshit meant to make your vagina smaller or more like a virgin’s. Any product that claims to do this is out to steal your money and your self-respect. Just like penis size, vaginas, like the rest of your body, are heritable traits. But, vaginas are muscles, and can therefore be toned. It also means that during penile-vaginal penetration they can also be squeezed and released and can almost “milk” a guy’s cock. And this is done by having good muscle tone and not by having a “tight” or “virginal’ vagina. Don’t even get me started on the sociological implications of that crap.

Batteries: none
Good for: internal female for strengthening
Cleaning: soap and water
Some names: Betty’s Barbell, Kegelcisor, New Wave, Kegelenhansor, Feminine Exercisor


Silk Small and Silk Medium Dilator Dildos

Dilators are great for women who for whatever reason need to work their way up to the average penis or dildo size. Women with vaginismus or post-op transgendered women need to start small and work their way up to something larger, and dilators are just the ticket.

Most will come in a set of about three to five sizes and are meant to be upgraded gradually and systematically. They’ll most likely be silicone, with all of its wondrous benefits. If you have any of these medical conditions, I suggest talking to your doctor to see what they suggest, and you might be able to get them covered by medical. Score!

Batteries: none
Good for: internal female vaginal stretching
Cleaning: see silicone
Some names: Vaginal Exercise Set (from Come as You Are), and the Silk set of small, medium, and large


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