Female Ejaculation

When I first saw a porn clip showing a woman ejaculate, I admit that I thought it was faked. I hadn’t heard of it, and I had certainly never done it. Talking to some friends, I realized that not only was it real, it was happening to people I knew and my incredulousness turned into jealousy. How come I’d never ejaculated? I shrugged it off, chalked it up to human biological differences and enjoyed all the sweet orgasms I wanted. Then, one day….

I had been jerking off for some time and was two or three (or four) orgasms into it when all of a sudden something gushed out of me. My first thought was, “hahah, great, I peed myself!” Being the sexual adventurer I was though, I was curious if maybe I had ejaculated and I wanted to know – so I had a taste. Nope, not pee. I phoned a friend and bragged it up, but wasn’t able to do it again until about four months later. I gradually realized what was happening in my body and could control it more or less.

I think my experience is a pretty common one, though I know women who have ejaculated since their first orgasms and that to them they go together. Others only orgasm when stimulating their g-spot, a very common occurrence, since the urethral sponge and the Skene’s gland are close together. The ejaculate can seep out, spurt out like the prototypical male ejaculation, or flow out like an orgasmic fountain. You may be ejaculating and not even knowing it because it’s flowing back into the bladder, something called retrograde ejaculation.

Now, what the hell is female ejaculate made out of? It’s not pee, no matter how many ridiculous web site out there are claiming it is, or some doc saying you have bladder problems. Unless you’re having stress incontinence in other situations, chances are your bladder is just fine. I’m sure I’m shocking no one, but medical science isn’t too concerned with female bodies and what’s going on in them, but it does seem that female ejaculate has many of the same compounds that male prostatic fluid does – prostate-specific antigen (the main liquid in semen), along with glucose and fructose. Sweet!

If you haven’t ejaculated but are keen on doing so, there are some ways to help it along, but before I get into it I want to stress something. Sexuality is not a scavenger hunt. No one wins by having the most stuff at the end. Stressing about it and focusing on it will only make it more difficult and chore-like. Wow, sexy.

Okay, so how can you up the chances of you ejaculating? First, be nice and aroused – an orgasm or two (if you can do the multi-orgasm thing) will help, and if not, then really prolong and hold off the orgasm until you feel like pulling out your hair. G-spot stimulation will also go a long way. Then when orgasming, bear down, especially if you feel like something is going to come out. Don’t be afraid of peeing yourself. If you do, meh, at least you did it in the name of sexual adventure! No one has to know, you can prep with a towel underneath you, and babies do it all the time and we think nothing less of them. Chances are though, that you won’t pee, it’ll be ejaculate, which tends to smell quite different than urine. There can be traces of urine in female ejaculate as there can be in male, since it is coming out of the same place. You may not ejaculate the first time you try, and it might not happen every time after you do. The ejaculation may not happen exactly when you orgasm – many women (myself included) tend to ejaculate right before orgasm, and some do afterwards. Ah, the vastness that is the human experience.

If you don’t ejaculate the first time you try, and you probably won’t, just keep at it, keep reading about it, and keep it relaxed. Nothing kills the mood like obsessive focus on a goal rather than focus on the pleasure.


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  1. ejiro imafidon said

    This is the most revealing article i have read on female ejaculation. I would love to read more. That would to a large extent burnt out my curiousity

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