Insertable Toys


Dildo Vibe

Vibrating dildos are most often completely self-contained, take two AA batteries and come with an on/off/intensity dial at the bottom. Because they’re made out of some kind of soft material, they can be used for external or internal use, though the vibe might be quite light if you’re looking for some intense clitoral action. The soft material also makes for a quieter toy than anything made out of plastic, but that also means some of the vibration is absorbed, leaving you with a lighter vibe. Which may be just what you’re looking for!

Dildo vibes can be made out of jelly rubber or latex, cyberskin or silicone, and you’ll want to know this so you know how to care for it properly. They can come in all kinds of designs – realistic, with balls or without, abstract, glow in the dark, or with a suction on the bottom so you can stick it to a chair of table and have your way with it.

Feel free to use a condom with these toys to extend their life, or if you’re concerned about phthalates. If you’re toy is made out of silicone, you’ll want to avoid lubricated condoms, since they come with silicone lube, which destroys silicone toys.

Batteries: usually AA
Good for: external or internal
Cleaning: depends on material of the toy
Some names: Purple Plunge, Quivering Cock, Jelly Caribbean, Buzz, Darling Vibrating Dildo

Branch/Twig Vibes

Hold onto your hats, ladies! This is probably the most popular higher-end toy in the market, and for very good reason. You get vaginal penetration with a twirly dildo and a clit vibe attached to it. Many of these toys have the word “rabbit” in them because the clit vibe is often shaped as a wee bunny whose ears will surround your clit and vibrate.

The penetrative part will have either beads or ball bearings set into metal frames – these will turn around and can be felt through the toy in the first few inches of your vagina, the most sensitive part of it. Please note I said the most sensitive part of your vagina, not of your entire genitals – clit wins that prize, hands down. The dildo will most likely also turn with the beads/ball bearings, making sure to hit all the fun places. The length and girth of the dildo section can vary from toy to toy, so keep that in mind when deciding which one you want.

The attached vibe is often an egg vibe embedded into the toy and shaped like an animal of some sort with ears or arms or something that will vibrate around and on your clit. The controls of the toy will be on the bottom, and they can really vary on complexity. It may be two simple controls for turning on and turning up the intensity of both toy-bits, or it may have all different kinds of options for both – pulsing, escalating vibe, or the twirly part my change directions in fancy ways. If you’re a bit of a techno-phobe, you may want to avoid the ones with all the bells and whistles.

I suggest branch vibes for people who are familiar with sex toys, know what they like and are looking for something new and fun to try. Toys of this design are pricier than simple dildo vibes because they have so much more “technology” in them – one more reason to know what you like before jumping in with both feet.

Batteries: usually AA, sometimes up to four at a time
Good for: internal, with external at same time
Cleaning: depends on the material, most likely jelly rubber or silicone
Some names: Rabbit Habit, Rabbit Pearl, Miss Bliss, Cyber-Rabbit, Ultimate Dolphin, Mermaid

Stand-Rechargeable/Rechargeable Vibes

Like your iPod, vibes can now come with a stand for recharging. Most of the ones I have seen are made out of the excellent silicone and would be as quiet as plug-ins. These are dildo-style vibes with a dial on the bottom for intensity level. Because of the silicone and the fact they’re rechargeable, these toys are going to set you back a bit. You also have to be comfortable having your toy out on display as its recharging. The good thing is these styles are usually quite attractive. Some of the ones I’ve included by name aren’t just dildo-vibes, and the Lelo/Nea is a rechargeable clitoral vibe.

Batteries: comes with rechargeables
Good for: external or internal
Cleaning: most likely see silicone, but check what it’s made out of
Some names: Sinful Intensity, Durex Ellipse, Synergy, Lelo/Nea

G-Spot Vibes

Whenever you see a toy that crazily bends at around a ninety degree angle, you can bet your bum you’re looking at a g-spot toy. A lot of toys purport to be for g-spot simply because they have a bit of a curve. While these may hit it, they’re mostly a marketing tool. A bit of curve can still feel nice, but that doesn’t mean it’s really getting into the spot. You’ll want to look for toys that have a rather pronounced curve and aren’t really all that long. A long dildo with a curve at the top, when fully in you will be nowhere near your g-spot.

Some will come with vibes, and some not, and whether you want a vibe on your g-spot is something only you will know. A good rule when playing with your g-spot (check out the g-spot page for more) is to warm up before hand – don’t just shove the g-spot toy in you and expect to be lovin’ it.

You can find g-spot toys made out of jelly rubber, silicone, and even plastic. I suggest having a partner or yourself stimulate your g-spot to see if you like it, before you go spending a ton of money on a toy you may not even like.

Batteries: most likely AA
Good for: g-spot, obvi
Cleaning: depends on material
Some names: Rock-Chick, Crystal Jelly Deluxe, G-Twist, G-Swirl, Natural Contours’ Ultime, Galaxy G


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