Lubes in General

Before I start in on the specific kinds of lube out there, I’d like to address lube in general. I consider lube a sex-basic up there with birth control if you’re into the whole boy/girl sex, or condoms. Slippery parts are sexy parts and a little lube can increase sensation, making everyone that much more tingly. There’s some stupid MYTH out there that a turned-on woman is a fountain of desire that is dripping down her leg, and if that’s not the case, then something is wrong. Bullshit, my friends, bullshit. Hormones, mood and hydration all play a part in how much a woman lubricates along with simple human variation. Depending on how long the sex is going on for can also impact how lubricated someone is. I mean, c’mon! There is only a finite amount of liquids in our body available for lubrication!Lube makes sex safer as well. Lubed condoms have a lesser chance of breaking, and lubed vaginas and rectums have less chance of getting tiny tears that are open highways into the blood stream for any little virus or bacteria (please see the section on anal rules for more about anal specifics).

Any use of a toy will include lube as well. If you’re using a vibrator the lube will stop the possibility of friction-caused pain. Latex and rubber (including condoms!) will absorb lube, even your personal lubrication, so it’s necessary to lube these up as well. If you’re using a sleeve, lube is definitely necessary. I don’t have a penis, but I can imagine trying to masturbated with a tight unlubricated sleeve being right up there with a root canal without anaesthesia.

Oil-Based Lubes

Almost nothing sold as “personal lubricant” (with a few exceptions like Hot Rod) is oil-based for a number of reasons. Oil destroys latex – that means condoms, gloves and any toys containing latex or rubber. I did an experiment once with a balloon and Vaseline… BOOOM! When most people are using oil-based lubes they’re grabbing Vaseline, baby oil, moisturizers and in some cases, cooking oils. Oils are also incredibly bad for vaginas. Vaginas naturally clean themselves out with no help from the outside world. When oil is used though, it clings to the vaginal walls and harbours the bacteria your vagina so badly wants to get rid of, leading to possible, nasty-bad infections. Oil is fine for external female play, since it can be simply washed off, but as I’ve said, if you’re using anything containing latex, stay away.

That being said, oil-based lubes are great for male solo play – they’re very slippery and hold up well to friction. And it will leave your penis super-soft and moisturized! Of course, if you’re using a latex cock ring or sleeve, you’ll want to avoid the oil.

Oil isn’t really suggested for anal sex either, though it has a long history of use because of its slipperyness. If you’re looking for something that will stay around for a very long time, I would suggest silicone lube instead.

Water-Based Lubes

This is what most products sold as “personal lubricant” are made from. Just like the name implies, water is the main ingredient here. These lubes are inexpensive, very safe (all flavoured lubes are water-based), good for any orifice and any material of sex toy and condom. Hurray! The only down-side (and of course, there has to be, doesn’t there?) is water-based lubes can dry out. There is a way to combat this though! When you’re finding your lube getting a little sticky, just add water! Even spit will work. The reason why it’s drying out is because the water in it is evaporating, so adding some back in will bring back its slipperyness. DON’T ADD MORE LUBE. You’ll just end up making it stickier. You can’t keep adding water indefinitely though – at some point you’ll just have to relube if you plan to keep on truckin’.

Glycerin is a common ingredient in water-based lubes, and some people are sensitive to it. If you have problems with glycerin soaps or other products with glycerin, stay away from these lubes. Also since it’s a vegetable sugar, it can boost the chance of yeast infections in those poor souls unfortunate enough to be prone to them. An excellent choice in non-glycerin lube, and my favorite lube of all time and space is Slippery Stuff.

Water-based lubes come in all different thicknesses, from gel to almost water. The best way to find one you like is to buy wee pillow-packs (a great way to try out flavors as well) and have yourself a little “taste test”.

Silicone-Based Lubes

Slippery… very, very slippery. That is the best way to describe this kind of lube. Liquid silicone is insoluble, a fancy way of saying water-proof, and because of this, you need to use soap and water to get this stuff off. The up-side to this is that it’s great for the shower and any other bath-time sports. Almost all lubricated condoms come with silicone lube, because of its excellent staying power and the need to make sure condoms don’t break – lubed condoms have less of a chance of breakage.

It’s a good thing that a little of this lube goes a long way, because it can be quite expensive. Like water-based lubes, it comes in different thicknesses, but unlike water-based ones, silicone is NOT edible. It’s not going to kill you to accidentally ingest some of it, but don’t make it a habit.

Because of its impressive staying power, silicone lube is ideal for anal play, where lots of lube is an absolute necessity. But make sure to never use silicone lube with silicone toys – liquid silicone will make a mess of your expensive silicone toy, and no one wants that. Knowing that, make sure to stay away from the afore-mentioned lubed condoms and silicone toys – only use unlubricated condoms on them, then add a water-based lube.

If you’re extremely health-conscious and are wary of putting chemicals and what-not into your bod, please do some research on liquid silicone. Some believe it is a carcinogen (the same stuff that was in silicone breast implants) and since vaginal and anal walls are absorbent, some of it can get in your bloodstream. This is one of those “up in the air” medical concerns, so do your homework. I use condoms constantly, and they have silicone lube, but I am careful not to ingest it. I consider using silicone lube on occasion, when I know I’m going to be in for a long session, rather than as an “everyday lube”.

PLEASE NOTE: Solid silicone, like the medical-grade kind in silicone sex toys is 100% safe – the concern is only in its liquid form. So keep on using your silicone toys!


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