Miscellaneous Toys

Duotone Balls


Even without electricity, it’s possible to enjoy some vibration. These are balls that have smaller, heavier balls inside of them so that when you rattle them about the smaller balls hit the sides of the outer balls, causing vibrations. The two Duotones will come attached by a string and are great for those of you who like jogging, or need some serious motivation to do it. These are also great if you have a rocking chair, or just like to make your day a wee bit more fun.

Duotones are made of plastic and can crack open if dropped (believe me). Because it’s molded plastic and has a seam, give a feel over the seam for any rough bits and file them down before using.

I have never heard of someone orgasming from duotone balls on their own, but that’s not to say it hasn’t happened! I think of this toy as a way to add some interest into an otherwise boring day.

Batteries: none
Good for: female internal
Cleaning: see plastic
Some names: Smartballs, Vibra Tone Balls, but they’re most often just called “duotone balls”


Not so much a utilitarian toy, but a great way for transgendered men to have a sweet bulge. Packers are made from super soft silicone to mimic the flaccid and soft penis and testicles of a bio-male, and therefore are not really meant for penetration. They come in lots of different skin tones, sizes and styles to fit your own personal preference and are ultra-realistic.

Packers fit well into tighty-whities (they hold them nice and snug to your body) and are sterilizable like all medical-grade silicone.

Batteries: none!
Good for: transgendered men or some fun gender play
Cleanings: see silicone
Some names: Mr. Right, Mango Packers, The Package

Condoms with Vibes


These came out a few years ago and sell like mad. It’s a single-use vibrating cock ring that comes with a condom. The vibe will last between 20 and 30 minutes and is virtually disposable (i.e. you can’t change the batteries). They’re relatively inexpensive and a great way to try out a vibe with someone without dipping into your own private stash, or to try a vibe with very little expense. Or for traveling. Or for adding a vibe to a dildo for cheap. Or for… you get the idea.

Batteries: comes with
Good for: cheap little vibe for external on anyone
Cleaning: don’t worry, just chuck it after use
Some names: Innervibe, Pleasure Ring


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