Safer Sex With Toys

Using toys with partners is a great way to explore what you both enjoy, and to play around and try out some things that only toys can do! It can also be a way to be sexual with someone without doing the traditional sex acts and/or practicing unsafe sex. Using a toy on someone can lessen the chance of transmitting STIs and pregnancy is now a nil! But, it’s still possible to transmit diseases through sex toys.

The only material that can be sterilized is medical-grade silicone. It’s non-porous and can be boiled for 2 to 4 minutes. It has to be boiled between sharing for it to be safe – simple washing won’t make it totally safe – there’s always a chance something could stick around. Any other material can harbor bacteria or diseases. So, to use any other material and be practicing safer sex you have to use condoms on the toys.

A great way to practice safer sex and share toys is to use a condom on one of you, then strip it off and put on another condom for the other. I suggest unlubed condoms to help keep the toy cleaner. Lubed condoms are fine though, except for on silicone toys, since the lube on those condoms is silicone-based and will ruin silicone toys.

An excellent way to cover small vibes or egg vibrators is cutting the fingers off of latex or vinyl gloves and slipping them over the vibe. This is also a great way to keep the toys cleaner and lessen the chance of liquid or lube getting into the toy.

There are some toys that are difficult to practice safer sex with, like branch design toys, especially since most are made of latex/PVC and can’t be sterilized. I suggest keeping those toys to yourself and simply letting others use them on you and you alone.

Of course, if you’re fluid-bound with someone, it’s fine to share toys – it won’t differ from ingesting your partner’s fluids or penetrating each other. Non-sterilizable toys will still absorb bacteria, so I still suggest putting condoms on them no matter who’s using them.


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