Slappers and Smackers


Whenever people see this toy, they automatically think, “cat-o-nine-tails” and that’s sort of what it is – lots of little strips (usually leather or rubber, but some are made of hard plastic) that may or may not have cut tips – cutting the tips to a point adds a bit more sting. Many use this as a warm-up toy. It’ll bring lots of blood to the surface of the skin, giving a nice, rosy glow. It produces more of a “thud” feeling as opposed to a sting or bite, and it’s really not all that painful.

Floggers can also be used by lightly running the tips over skin for a light, tingly touch. This is especially good while the touch-ee is blindfolded – the inability to see will heighten the other sensations.

The longer they are, the harder they are to use, so start out with a shorter one and go from there.


Lots of people out there have probably had some experience with paddles, usually in some kind of disciplinary way, since hands are the simplest and cheapest form of paddles out there. It’s easy to find paddles on the cheap and around the house – spoons, spatulas, ping-pong mallets – anything with a bit of a flat surface and a handle gets the job done. There’s paddles out there that will leave specific shapes on asses, from pursed-lipped kisses, to kitty faces, to “slut”.

Paddles tend to produce a bit more of a sting than floggers and should be saved for the fleshiest of areas like the butt and thighs. How to clean it depends on the material used and if you’re getting the “made for BDSM” kind of toys, ask about cleaning tips from the seller – they’re in the know about cleaning leather, rubber, and other materials made for BDSM toys.


I’ve personally never come in contact with a cane, professionally or recreationally. They’re thin, hard but springy toys that are most often made out of actual rattan or bamboo cane, but you can also find steel, fiberglass or even plastic.

Now these pack some punch. Canes can easily break skin, so it’s important to know how to handle one. It’s not a toy I’d suggest to someone at the start of exploring BDSM. Canes have a lot of bite to them, so do your homework.

Note: Anything else you find out there, riding crops and other kinds of whips are mostly variants on these three designs. And like I’ll say a million times in the BDSM toy sections (and pretty well every where else, come to think of it..) do your reading!


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