Specific Lubes

Slippery Stuff

Slippery Stuff is one of the only glycerin-free lubes out on the market (for info as to why this is good, see lubes). Not only that, it only has four ingredients so there’s less chance of allergens than something with twenty or more ingredients. It virtually has no taste (think “thick water”) and is what I recommend for people who have sensitive skin, like me. It does contain paraben, which some people are allergic to, but so do most other lubes, except for O’My.

It comes in two different thickness, a gel and a liquid. The gel is what I use and is great for both vaginal and anal play since it’s so thick. The liquid is pretty mediocre and too thin for my liking. Slippery Stuff is available in 16 oz pump bottles, making it something you buy every two years or so and much easier to get out than flip-top bottles.


If you like your lubes like I like my vitamins – flavoured – then O’My is the lube for you. So many flavours, and they aren’t disgusting like so many other flavored lubes out there. They’re sugar-free, not too intense, and come in jewel-colored pump bottles. They do have an unflavored version as well. All O’My lubes contain hemp oil, which is a natural moisturizer and anti-fungal (listen up, yeast infection sufferers), but it’s still considered a water-based lube and is perfectly safe to use with condoms and latex toys.

It does contain glycerin though, which is why I prefer my Slippery Stuff, though O’My doesn’t have the paraben that Slippery Stuff has. It really depends on what your sensitive to, if anything at all.


Jo has a massive line of lubes that include silicone, water-based, warming, and a lube specifically formulated for women. The coolest thing they have are pillow packs called “precise shooters” with long, thin necks that can be inserted into vaginas or anuses and squeezed, lubing things up nicely without having to do the old “lube-the-finger-and-stick-it-in” that often left the lube more on the external than wherever you wanted it to go.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod is one of the only oil-based lubes out there. When most people want something oily they usually reach for the Lubriderm or Crisco. Oil-based lubes aren’t recommended for women, so you’ll often see this sold in stores catering to the gay male crowd. It’s very thick and comes in tubs rather than tubes. It’s also available in a warming formula. Since I’m not keen on getting a mean old infection, I’ve personally never tried it.


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