Specific Toys


Pronounced, ‘Foo-koo-oh-koo’, this is one of the most well-known finger vibes out there. It slips on the end of a finger and is quite small and quiet, comes with one-speed and different rubber covers with different patterns/ridges on them that can be removed and cleaned separately. This is the kind of toy for someone who is new to them, shy or technophobic – it has one button and that’s it. The Fukuoku is not very powerful at all, and the watch batteries it takes drain horribly so I suggest they’re removed after every single use.

Pocket Rocket

This vibe has gotten a lot of press. I had people ask about this without knowing what it was or what it did. Oy – way to be informed sex toy consumers. It’s an external, one-speed vibe made out of plastic. It’s pretty powerful, considering it takes only one AA battery, which is put into the toy itself – no wires or battery packs here.

The Rabbit Pearl

This is the toy from “Sex and the City”. It’s a branch design toy with two simple controls – one for speeding up/slowing down the twisty penetrative part, and another one for speeding up/slowing down the intensity of the clitoral vibe. It comes with a battery pack with the controls on it – this makes it easier to deal with than having the controls directly on the toy itself so you can actually see what the heck you’re doing. It takes three C batteries (need a lot of juice for all that power) and seems to be made out of a vinyl material. Don’t quote me on that though – a lot of toys won’t say exactly what they’re made out of, so I just have to go by looks.

There’s a battery pack-less version of this toy called The Rabbit Habit – it has all the same capabilities as the Rabbit Pearl except the batteries go directly into the toy and the controls are on its base.


This is one of those toys that makes me wish I was a man for just one day. The Aneros is specifically designed for male prostate stimulation. It’s made out of a molded hard plastic, comes in many varying designs and can be cleaned with soap and water. Though I’m unable to personally feel its effects, I’ve seen the reaction to it, and it looked like a hell of a lot of fun. This is the kind of prostate toy that can lead to hands-free orgasms by simply clenching and unclenching butt muscles. Lucky!

Diving Dolphin

Talk about a non-descriptive name! The Diving Dolphin is a vibrating cock ring, with two removable egg vibes, one for clitoral stimulation, the other for between the guy’s cock and balls and for her perineum. This cock ring only goes around the penis unlike regular cock rings so it won’t have the same orgasm-delaying as the others, though it will help keep blood from flowing out. The vibes are attached to one battery pack and have separate controls, so different desires for vibration intensity can be taken into account.

The jelly rubber cock ring can be cleaned with soap and water once the vibes have been removed. The egg vibes can be wiped down with rubbing alcohol on a makeup pad, as can the wires and battery pack. Water-based or silicone-based lube can be used with this toy.

Everyone I know who has used one of these has absolutely loved it, especially the men. No one feels like they’re being “replaced” by a toy, and everyone enjoys it.


The Feeldoe is made of medical-grade silicone by Tantus and is one of the only harnessless strap-ons on the market worth a damn, the other being the Nexus and both are virtually identical. There’s a vaginal plug for the wearer, which is attached to a dildo to penetrated whatever the heck you want! At the crux of the two parts is a hole for the small vibe that comes with it, offering some clitoral stimulation for the wearer.

This design is more ergonomic than the generic double-ended dildoes out there and makes it easier for both partners to get off at the same time than regular strap-ons. It’ll also help tone the vaginal muscles of whoever is wearing it and comes in two sizes.

The greatest con to harnessless strap-ons is that the one size is all you get. With a harness, the dildo and harness are separate things and can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

Twist and Shake

The adorable German company FunFactory have THE sweetest designs ever. The Twist and Shake is one of the only silicone branch design toys I have ever seen, and it comes with FunFactory’s trademark smiley worm design. It comes in three bright colours, has the controls and batteries in the toy itself (no battery pack) and has no external beads showing, like so many other branch designs do. The Twist and Shake, just like every FunFactory toy is also ethically made.

Hitachi Magic Wand

One of the first vibrators out there available for purchase, the Hitachi Magic Wand’s greatest supporter is Betty Dodson. I hope they’re paying her a percentage or something. It’s a wand design (surprise, surprise) and is probably the most reliable and powerful of all of them out there. Silicone companies make a lot of attachments to go on its vibrating ball end – some make it penetration with it possible and others are simple nubbly covers that offer some texture and the ability to sterilize whatever is coming into direct contact with your juicy bits.


The Lelo Nea is an AWESOME toy. They’re external, rechargeable, and darn purty. They can be made of hard plastic or covered in elastomer for a softer feel. Some store sites call the hard plastic Lelo “Nea” with no mention of “Lelo” and some call them all “Lelo” and the Nea ones the “Lelo – Nea” or they just call all of them “Lelo”. “Lelo” is the company name, and they make a heck of a lot of cool toys, and “Nea” is one of their designs. They’re quite quiet, don’t take long to charge and are super-discreet. The only con is they can be a bit on the pricey side. But, and this is a BIG but (the kind I love!) they come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY WITH THE COMPANY. This is unheard of people! This is awesome-sauce! This is the wave of the future. I’m totally in love with this company.


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