The Prostate

Spread ‘em, boys. As you’re probably aware, your prostate is located near the bulb-end of your penis in your body and can be felt through the front rectal wall. It’s a sort of round knobbly bit that can vary in size from man to man. The prostate is about an index-finger’s length into the bum, though this will also vary from man to man, and hand to hand. It gets bigger as you age and you need to get it examined often after the big 5-0, and after forty if you’re African American or have a family history of prostate cancer.

Now why exactly do you want to have this stimulated? Well! From what I understand and have witnessed via facial expressions/contorsions, prostate stimulation is incomparable and can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. But, like I said in the g-spot article, just because a lot of people like it, doesn’t mean you will. Give it a few tries, and if you don’t like, it doesn’t signify anything beyond the fact that you don’t like prostate stimulation. If your prostate hurts, it could be inflamed (prostatitis) or something more sinister. See your doctor for any prostate pain, please!

Please also give a read of the anal rules article for the bum-basics. Once you’ve got those down, have you or a partner explore what kind of prostate stimulation you like – vibration, rubbing, pushing into, whatever. You may find that your erection wanes when beginning prostate stimulation because your focus has shifted from your cock to your butt, and this is totally normal. There are toys out there like Aneros that are specifically designed for prostate stimulation. I know if I had one, I’d get one pronto. But butt plugs can work just as well, depending on their length, girth and shape.

Some men can ejaculate from prostate massage alone (lucky!) or when combined with tantric practices, learn to orgasm without ejaculation, leading to multiple orgasms. All of this will take practice, and never has practicing something been so much fun, gentlemen.

I want to throw this in, and I hope most men reading this take this as a given, but being a man who loves anal and prostate stimulation does NOT make you gay! Nerve endings and anatomy do not have sexual orientation and that’s what we’re dealing with here. Gay men may have been the pioneers in exploring prostate massage and for that, we salute them! But only if you want a man, and a man only, rubbing your prostate does that make you gay. And if that’s the case, rock on!



  1. Daniel Healy said

    Thank you for this article, I feel much better knowing that I don’t have any “gay” issues which I’ve been concerned about since I love the feeling of anal fun with toys only. It’s sort of interesting finding out my new liking for anal play. I never knew how pleasureful it would be until I had humoured problems and took care of it. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on getting bigger, larger, wider and longer dildo’s and other prostate stimulating toys; especially the vibrating type. Unfortunately my wallet isn’t so friendly to more fun and expensive anal sex toys and machines but I’m saving up, nevertheless. But as being a 28 year old male, I must say that stimulating the prostate is a whole lotta fun!

    • sextoys101 said

      You’re welcome Daniel, and good luck with the toys! If you can save up for high quality, hopefully they’ll last you a while.

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