Toys and Sexual “Problems”

Not only can toys make sexing it up that more fun, they can also help with certain sexual problems without resorting to medication or scary, expensive surgeries.

Being Pre-Orgasmic

“Anorgasmic” used to be used to describe anyone who hadn’t ever orgasmed, and means “non-orgasmic” but has been replaced with the more optimistic “pre-orgasmic”. This is mostly found in women and has multiple causes combining the psychological and physical; survivors of abuse and incest may have problems orgasming as can women with diabetes, as can women who just don’t seem to be as physically sensitive as others, or being on certain medications. Depending on why you’re pre-orgasmic will affect the game-plan on becoming so. Sex toys are a great way to start, since there’s no real medical reason someone shouldn’t use one. Counselling can be a great tool as well to work through any beliefs you have about sex as well as past experiences that may still be affecting you.

If you’re finding you just need more stimulation, I suggest stimulating as many erogenous zones as possible. Using some nipple clamps, or a butt-plug to increase overall sensation is always a possibility if a vibe isn’t enough. The more, the merrier is my motto when it comes to sex toys!

If you’re finding that lack of blood engorgement in your genitals is the problem, there’s a lot of options for that. Someone invented a super-expensive clitoral pump that you can get with a prescription and sucks blood into the clitoris, but you can also use cheap little nipple suctions to pretty well do the same thing. An amino acid called l-arginine has also been found to increase blood flow.

Circulation is also affected by things like alcohol and caffeine, which have both been found to decrease blood flow to the genitals. If you’re a caffeine addict and have problems orgasming, I suggest lowering your java intake. Nerves, stress and anxiety also change blood flow since they affect the autonomic nervous system, leaving you on the verge of fight or flight. Sexy, no? Sex can lessen stress, and lower stress levels make it easier to feel sexy. It’s a beautiful thing, people.

There’s lots of great books out there for people finding it difficult to orgasm and can be found here.

Erectile Dysfunction

I don’t know the exact numbers, but a majority of erectile dysfunction is psychological in nature, so the little blue pills you’re popping may as well be Tic-Tacs and they would still do the job.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as an inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection, and I have yet to come across a man who hasn’t had this happen once or twice. There’s a belief that if you’re a dude you should be able to become erect at will, and the moment you can’t SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG. In our super-medical culture our first thought is a trip to the doctors where they will do what doctors do, and that’s give you medication for it. But maybe there’s something else at play – stress, lack of sleep, problems in your relationship(s), being a bit out of shape – pretty well anything hampering on you being on top of your game will affect your wang.

If you can conclusively ascertain that your problem is physical, then by all means, use our medical system to get your groove on. Cialis and Viagra are great options for men who have physically-based ED. But, if these aren’t an option for you because of other medical concerns, there are some toys in ye Olde Toye Cheste to take a peek at!

Cock rings are a fan-fucking-tastic way to keep an erection. They go around your entire package and keep the blood from being able to flow back out. From my own non-scientific “experimentation” they also seem to make erections larger and harder, which makes sense consider blood cannot escape.

If you’re having problems getting blood into your penis in the first place, pumps could be the way to go. Blood will get sucked into your cock by the amazing-ness of physics, and they’ll be a cock ring ready at the wait for you on the pump. You can just slide it off the pump chamber onto the end of your penis and away you go!

If none of these are an option for you but you still want to be penetrating that special someone like before, there are some hollow dildo-harnesses out there that you can strap around your bod and place your penis into.

What it boils down to is that because Viagra can pretty well make any dude out there pop a boner, doctors and the boner-less alike seem totally okay with just using a pill to make it happen. My big beef with this is the problem may be emotional or a symptom of a much greater diseasel, not just biological blood-flow issues. I have no problem with someone taking a pill to get an erection when it’s the problem is physically-based, but if they’re depressed and have a low sex drive or are suffering from heart disease and that’s what’s causing the erectile dysfunction, having them take Viagra is simply masking a symptom to a much bigger and possibly deadly problem.


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