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Cock Rings


The main idea of a cock ring is keeping an erection, well… erect. The ring goes around cock and balls, stopping blood from flowing back out, which can cause erection loss. Cock rings can be used by men with erectile dysfunction or simply for funzies – your cock will feel harder, somewhat larger and more sensitive. There’s also a good chance you’ll last longer – cock rings seem to make it more difficult for a man to ejaculate. The orgasm you’ll have will also be more intense – or so says my hard-at-work male tester.

Most cock rings are made out of some kind of rubber or latex and stretch quite a bit. Soap and water is the best way to wash them – they won’t be sterilizable though, so keep this in mind when considering safer sex precautions.

Cock rings can really be made out of anything though – metal, silicone, rubber tubing, leather, pvc – know what your toy is made out of so you can take care of it properly. I don’t suggest metal cock rings for people who are knew to them – you can get nervous, not be able to come and not be able to get the damn thing off. No one needs that trip to the emergency room.

Speaking of ERs, any erection that lasts longer than four hours is called a priapism and you need to get yourself to a hospital immediately. You could destroy tissue and create scar tissue, or in the worst-case scenario, lose your penis. Yikes. With that in mind, cock rings shouldn’t be worn for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time, maximum.

NOTE: Some people seem to be under the impression that because a cock ring will make it difficult for you to ejaculate, it can be used as birth control. WRONG, PEOPLE. So very wrong. There are sperm in pre-ejaculate, which will knock her up just as well as the whole cadre to follow. Let me say it one more time: COCK RINGS ARE NOT BIRTH CONTROL.

Batteries: just your own steam
Good for: men, external
Cleaning: depends on material
Some names: Sean Michaels Love Ring, Julian’s Stud Ring, Magic Rings, Easy Ring

Vibrating Cock Rings

Diving Dolphin Elephant Cock Ring

Turn yourself into a sex toy, boys! Vibrating cock rings are one of the most popular toys for hetero couples, for very obvious reasons. Penetration and clitoral stimulation with a vibrator all at the same time? Yes, please! Men like vibration as much as women, so this is one big happy hetero win-win situation.

These cock rings mostly go just around the penis, so you won’t get the same benefits as a regular cock ring, gentlemen, but it’s still well worth it. The vibe will usually be removable for cleaning and can be self-contained or attached to a battery case, depending on the size of the ring, price, and intensity.

There are lots of smaller cock rings out there with smaller vibes to go with them – the kind that take little watch batteries. I consider these “vibrating cock ring Lite”. They’re a great way to try them out, see if you like it, or to shove into an over-night bag for a weekend. If you’re into a more standard, stronger vibe you’ll probably want to pass these by.

For a stronger vibe, you’ll want to look at the ones that come with standard egg vibrators. These tend to have two – one for the clit and one for the guy between the cock and balls and the woman’s perineum. These will have wires leading to a battery pack where most will have separate controls so if he likes a more intense vibration than you or vice versa everyone can be happy. These vibrating cock rings can look a little clunky but for serious vibration, they’re the way to go.

The cock ring will most likely be jelly rubber and can be washed separately with warm water and soap. It will eventually break down, especially with the stretching, so be gentle when putting it on. Lube will always make putting it on easier for you and the toy.

Batteries: watch or AA
Good for: male and female external
Cleaning: see plastic for vibes and jelly rubber for cock ring
Some names: Diving Dolphin, Blackberry Vibe Ring, Sonic Ring, Rockin’ Rabbit


Front of SleeveSide of Sleeve

We’re not talking about the ones on your coat. “Male masturbatory sleeves” (sexy name!) can range far and wide concerning length and tightness. Some are meant for only the cock head, others are inches longer than the average penis. Some need a firm grip, others don’t. Some have ridges while others have bumps and other have nothing at all. Some come with two holes meant to mimic vagina and anus and vary in tightness accordingly. Some come with vibrators. Oh, the different kinds of sleeves out there!

Jelly rubber and cyberskin are the most common materials out of which sleeves are made. Always make sure to thoroughly wash and dry these toys – most are open on both ends to make this easier. They can range in price from around twenty dollars, up to the thousands, really, since fancy “real” dolls are essentially sleeves with a body attached.

Water-based lube is best to use for the toys, since it’s safe with every material, and you must use lube. Not only will it save your toy from tearing, but your genitals as well. Latex and rubbers are absorbent and will suck up some of the lube, so be generous.

Batteries: AA, if any
Good for: male external
Cleaning: depends, usually jelly rubber or cyberskin
Some names: The Fleshlight, Bad Boy Buddies line, Ecsta-Sleeve, Passion Grip, The Clone



Pumps are in the same category as cock rings – they can help with erectile dysfunction, or can just be for the fun of it. Your penis is put into the chamber, and air is removed via either a hand-pump or in some cases a mechanical one. Good ol’ physics says nature abhors a vacuum, so what rushes in to fill the space? Why, blood of course! One erection, coming up! The idea is to then slip a cock ring on, and many pumps come with the ability to put a cock ring on the pump before using, which you when put on your cock when you’re pumped up. Handy! Pumps are a great way to go if medication isn’t an option for you, either because of medical concerns, or you just don’t like popping pills.

Of course, you don’t need ED in order to use a pump, and lots of guys use them just because it makes them much more sensitive, and a bit bigger. There’s lot of claims out there saying this or that product will increase size and girth etc. etc. and I would say that almost every single one is full of shit. Yes, there will be an increase in size while the pump is on, but this does not translate to an every day larger penis.

Most pumps are a plastic casing with rubber or plastic seals. Soap and water is the best way to clean them, and using some lube on you and the toy will make the whole operation a bit smoother.

The same rules for cock rings apply here: don’t use it for more than 20 or 30 minutes, and remember that an erection for 4 hours or longer (priapism) wins you a fun trip to the ER!

Batteries: none
Good for: male external
Cleaning: soap and water
Some names: Fireman’s Pump, Sensation Pump, Male Power Pump, Fire Power Pump

Prostate Toys


A toy just for bio-boys, prostate toys are essentially butt plugs with some major engineering behind them. They’re designed with a certain length and curve to hug the prostate and stimulate it to no end. Clenching and unclenching will push the toy against the prostate, leading to greater stimulation. Some men can even come just from prostate stimulation, or learn to have multiple orgasms without ejaculation.

Batteries: watch, if any
Good for internal male anal
Cleaning: depends on material
Some names: Aneros, Pandora Plug, Night Rider Vibe, Protouch



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